Saturday, March 10, 2012

What to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, for most who are not aware, is the biggest emirate here in U.A.E. and there are a lot of things that you can do, discover and enjoy.

For those who are into the exotic and wants to experience something new you can do the following:

Desert Safari:

Bash into the endless stretch of sand inside a 4 wheel drive or an all-terrain vehicle on the desert area of the city.  Also, you can try skimboarding if you get tired of using fuel-driven machines. There are tour operators who conduct packages for desert safari rides.  The package includes, sand bashing, dinner under the stars while a belly dancer gyrate and have a henna tattoo.  You can even try riding the camel.  Warning: they stink!

Life's a Beach

The corniche is a long stretch of white sand beach where you can enjoy the sun the whole day and be proud to show off your tan.  Or enjoy the seaside breeze at night.

Sample the delicacies

Abu Dhabi is a multicultural city.  Every kind of middle eastern food can be bought from small restaurants around the city.  Don't forget their sweets.  They are pretty good.

Shop! Shop! Shop!

Need I say more?  All malls are well equipped with shops that could guarantee to seep out your fund in one day.


If you are a fan of Fast and the Furious, you can always visit Yas Island where where the motor circuit and try out what it feels like to zoom along the road.  Or if you still don't have the license to drive, why not visit Ferrari World. 

Where to Stay in Abu Dhabi


Al Ain Palace Hotel
P.O. Box 33, Abu Dhabi
Corniche St.,
Tel. No: +971 02 6794777

Al Diar Capital Hotel
P.O. Box 73837
Mina Road, Abu Dhabi (near Bank of Sharjah)
Tel. No: +971 02 6787700

Al Diar Dana Hotel
P.O. Box 47300
Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi
Tel. No: +971 02 6456000

Al Diar Mina Hotel
P.O. Box 44421
Junction of Salam St., and Mina Road
Tel. No: +971 02 678 1000

Al Diar Regency Hotel
P.O. Box 47600
Junction of Corniche Rd and Salam St.
Tel. No.: +971 02 6765000

Al Jazira Hotel & Resort
P.O. Box 26268
Ghantoot Area
Tel. No.: +971 02 5629100

Al Raha Beach Hotel
P.O. Box 38616
Al Raha Corniche, Abu Dhabi
Tel. no.: +971 02 5080555

Al Reem Hotel Apartments
P.O. Box 47863
Opp. Russian Embassy, Khalifa St.,
Tel. No.: +971 6434943

Beach Rotana Hotel
P.O. Box 45200
Near Abu Dhabi Mall
Tourist Club Area
Tel. No.: +971 02 6443000

Cassells Ghantoot
P.O. Box 126969
Tel. no.: +971 02 5068888

Comfort Inn Emirates Hotel
P.O. Box 52957
Opp. Ministry of Information Muroor Rd
Tel.No.: +971 026506600

Cristal Salam Hotel
P.O. Box 107523
8th St., Tourist Club Area
Tel. No.: +971 026597666

Abu Dhabi Quick Info

Welcome to the land of Zaby! Often, when we hear the word Middle East, a hot desert comes into mind. A place where an endless stretch of sand covers the entire country. A very big misconception.

Middle East albeit its strict cultural practices is a thriving country that can offer a lot of things to whoever wants to dip their toes in the rich Arabic culture. And yes, they don't live in tents, they live in high rise, airconditioned buildings with all the latest gadgets and electronics that could compete with Tony Sparks' apartment. (kidding!)

So there are a few things you should know about Abu Dhabi.

 - Abu Dhabi is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates.

- Abu Dhabi next to Dubai is bursting with expatriates.

- Being it a muslim country, there are still some stores that caters to the needs of the expatriates working in the country. Booze and pork products can be bought from East and West (booze) and Spinney's (pork products)

 - Fabulous beaches in the area can give you the opportunity to soak in the sun while flanking your decent bikinis.

- Clubs are scattered everywhere in the city I guess, I have covered basic stuff on what you need to know about the city.

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